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Corporate philanthropy to enable growth

Does your company want to project an image of high quality and generosity? There is nothing like supporting the Luberon International String Quartet Festival.

With the artistic directorship of the Zaïde Quartet, the Festival is entering a new phase. This requires additional support for many projects, such as a new stage at the Conservatoire des Ocres, the recording of certain concerts, festive events associated with each concert, cultural outreach in association with schools and conservatories, and creations of contemporary music each year. All this requires resources that state and regional subsidies cannot always provide. Private support is becoming more and more essential.

What the Festival offers to a corporate sponsor

· Sponsorship of the Festival is eligible for a French tax credit; a receipt is issued for each donation.

· Complimentary tickets are offered to concerts chosen by sponsors and their guests.

· The Academy of Young Artists can present a private concert, if desired.

· About forty thousand copies of the Festival's brochures and flyers are printed and each will bear the logo of the sponsors.

· The Festival's 100-page program booklet can feature a full page of colour advertising.

· In addition, specific projects may be discussed with future sponsors in order to meet particular needs.

The many reasons to support the Festival


· Splendid venues on a modest scale and recognized acoustics

· Top international artists: The French classical radio station, France Musique, has recorded and broadcast ten or so concerts in the last few years. An in-depth partnership has been established for the year 2019.

· Opportunity offered to young quartets to rub shoulders with their elders.

· A program that offers the great standards of the string quartet repertoire as well as more recent works and discoveries.

· World premieres : For each of the past three years, the Festival has commissioned a piece from a contemporary composer. Two works were premiered at Silvacane Abbey and one at Cabrières d'Avignon, both in the composer's presence.

Special events

· A full day celebration of “String Quartet Day” in one of our partner villages.

· Thematic conferences and roundtables.

· Pedagogy, Outreach into the communities.

· In parallel with the Festival and in partnership with ProQuartet and Conservatoire des Ocres in Roussillon, there is an academy for young professionals, where they can receive coaching from leading international professors. Young people have the opportunity to perform in front of the Festival audience and may be invited back in later seasons.

· Once again in partnership with ProQuartet, the Conservatoire de Musique Pays d'Apt Luberon is offering an amateur internship program.

The side benefits

· At all concerts, a local winery is invited to host the intermission and offer its fine products.

· Dinners and tastings, before or after the concert, allow contact among organisers, audience and musicians.

· The Festival features two fixed meeting places in Roussillon and La Roque d'Anthéron where people can exchange ideas, socialize or simply have a good time.

· Throughout the Festival, recordings of all the artists are for sale to the public during the intermissions.

· A program booklet (see attachment) presents the entire season, placing each work in its historical context.

· In 2019, an exhibition of paintings on the theme of the Festival will be hung at the Conservatoire des Ocres.

The wide span

· To commission new pieces, the Festival cooperates with other festivals and ensembles. For example, the Festival partnered with the Musiktage Mondsee festival for this year's commission from Camille Pépin, and with the ensemble C Barré de Marseille for the creation of Sur les cendres by Aurélien Maestracci.
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