I n 2020, from August 13 to 23, FABULOUS AMADEUS!


D e Salzbourg au Luberon

If sanitary conditions allow, the festival will take place from August 13 to 23. The theme will be FABULOUS AMADEUS and we will welcome artists from all backgrounds for a colorful and emotional program.

The Luberon String Quartet Festival celebrated its fortieth anniversary with a Beethoven complete. For its 45 years, the Festival pays tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is in a festive and diverse form that we wish to celebrate one of the main fathers of the string quartet: from the joking Mozart to the dreaming Mozart, from the spiritual to the cabotin, from the most innovative to the most baroque, all facets of the personality of the legendary Amadeus will be honored. And since musicians have always formed a large and beautiful family, Mozart will rub shoulders in the various programs of the festival with his immense friend Haydn, his heirs Beethoven and Schubert, and his spiritual children - what composer of yesterday and today wasn't one day inspired by the Salzburg child prodigy.

Ten quartets from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France will be present to celebrate the one who, despite his two hundred and sixty-eight years, has never aged and always remains an ideal guide for a journey in a dreamlike and wonderful world : the Fabulous Amadeus!

The string quartet is life!

Each quartet sings, telling the story of life in its own way.

Being the artistic directors of the Luberon International String Quartet Festival means having the opportunity to invite superlatively talented quartets and other musicians. They tell about life in all its forms and invite us to explore a world full of colours, textures and emotions. In this spirit, our resident chef during these ten days will compose menus related to each concert!

During the Festival, we welcome all types of audience members, from the neophyte to the most knowledgeable music connoisseur. We want everyone to discover the world of the string quartet, through the sound of artists and composers of yesterday and today, in the idyllic setting of the Luberon.

Being artistic directors of the Festival means having the opportunity to create an international and timeless playground on which we can dream together musically.

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